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BOLD Drinks

BOLD ICED ZERO Espresso Coffee drinks (12 x 250 ml)

BOLD is a functional iced coffee always based on three high-quality espresso shots. BOLD have created a product that releases the physical and mental energy you need to pursue your dreams.

To give a rich and deeper coffee experience, the espresso beans are roasted, which brings out more flavour than using the filtering method. It also reduces the need to sweeten iced coffees, so we typically add less sugar to BOLD coffee drinks than other iced coffees.

The energy in BOLD coffee drinks is 100% natural and the caffeine comes directly from the coffee beans. This way you avoid chemically produced synthetic caffeine that is otherwise used in a wide range of energy products. The natural caffeine in coffee provides a more stable and longer-lasting boost, as it also naturally contains antioxidants and vitamins. This gives you a balanced lift so you can make the most of your energy.

  • BOLD TRUE is made with delicious milk and is the original.You get the classic iced coffee experience, but with a stronger coffee flavour and more power.Most of the sugar in BOLD TRUE comes from milk in the form of lactose, and we add very little.That's why it also has fewer calories than most other iced coffee products. 
  • BOLD ZERO is the only sugar- and calorie-free variant in Denmark, providing a lighter and tastier iced coffee experience.This makes it a product that can easily become part of your daily routine and when needed, it also works as a thirst quencher.Round it all off with the final note of toasted caramel.
  • BOLD OAT is plant-based and made with oat drink. At the same time, it is vegan. You can expect a delicious cream, which is often hard to find in dairy alternatives, and a wonderful sweetness that comes naturally from the oats. So now you no longer have to give up iced coffee when choosing a plant-based diet.
Nutritional value (250 ml)  True - with milk Zero - calorie and sugar free Oat - plant-based
Energy value KJ 202 KJ 18 KJ 248 KJ
Energy value Kcal 48 Kcal 4 Kcal 59 Kcal
Fat <0,5 g 0 1,6 g
 - of which saturated fat <0,1 g 0 0,2 g
Carbohydrates 8,4 g <0,5 g 10,0 g
 - Of which sugars 8,1 g <0,5 g 7,0 g
Protein 2,9 g <0,5 g <0,5 g
Salt 0,20g 0,13 g 0,23 g



    • True - with milk:   
  •  Skimmed milk , water, sugar, 1,6% coffee extract, caramelised sugar, acidity regulators: sodium bicarbonate, natural flavour, stabiliser: carrageenan.

    • Zero - calorie and sugar free:   
  •  Water,5% skimmed milk 1,6% coffee extract, caramelised sugar, acidity regulators: sodium bicarbonate, natural flavour, stabiliser: gellan gum, sweeteners (sodium cyclamate, acesulfame-K, saccharin).

  • Oat - plant-based:Water, oats (10%) , sugar, 1.6% coffee extract, sunflower oil, caramelised sugar, sea salt, acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate, natural flavour, stabiliser: gellan gum.


Usage:Should not be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women