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VNutrition Shaker (700 ml)

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VNutrition Shaker (700 ml) - The latest technology shaker that guarantees perfect mixing and high quality.

Modern design and innovative technology are exactly what you are looking for to optimise your workout routine. The ShakerX is equipped with Circle Technology, which guarantees perfect mixing, even without additional elements such as a strainer or ball.

We have chosen a matt and glossy finish that demonstrates its high quality and is in line with the latest trends. The shaker has a solid and tight-fitting cap with an additional handle that guarantees functionality, tightness and shock resistance.

ShakerX is made from certified material that is toxin, lead and BPA free. It is certified by PZH for direct food contact and the manufacturing process complies with EU standards.

With ShakerX, you no longer need to look for an extra strainer or ball to prepare your supplements or sports drinks. With a 700 ml capacity and a submerged lens, you can be sure that the mixing process will be quick and efficient.

We would also like to stress that our shaker is a great product not only for athletes, but also for anyone looking for a high quality and modern shaker. With a 100% durable print and 100% leak proof, our ShakerX is a high quality product that will be useful in any gym, training room or fitness centre.

Improve your workout routine with the VNurtition Shaker ShakerX - a modern, efficient and high-quality shaker that meets your needs and expectations.