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NänoSupps Protein Wafers (12x40 g)

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Näno Supps Protein Dips are high in protein, taste insanely good and are easy to take on the go. Näno Supps Protein Dips is a delicious snack with crispy sticks and delicious chocolate dip that can be enjoyed after training as a protein supplement or during the day as a snack.

  • With a whopping 18% protein
  • No added sugar
  • Luxurious taste

Sometimes you crave a snack but don't want to eat something that's fatty or full of sugar. Sometimes you need to replenish your energy with a snack or after an intense workout. Protein Dips have a wonderful chocolate flavor and a great crunchy texture. Each Protein Dip contains a whopping 18% protein, an essential nutrient for not only maintaining but also building muscle mass.

    Nutritional Information

    Protein Dips Choco Hazelnut - 52g.
    Category: Sweets & Snacks
    1 Serving: 52g
    Nutritional content: per 52g
    Calories 255
    Fat 15.6g
    - of which saturated fatty acids 2.9g
    Carbohydrates 22.1g
    - of which sugars 3.2g
    Dietary fiber 1.5g
    Protein 9.6g
    Salt 330mg
    Polyols 9.5g


    Ingredients: Hazelnut cocoa spread with whey protein, with sweetener (75%) (sweetener: maltitol, whey protein (16.8%), rapeseed oil, hazelnuts (8.2%), sweet whey powder (from milk), fat-reduced cocoa powder (4.8%), cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithins, natural vanilla flavor), breadsticks (25%) (wheat flour, sunflower oil, salt, barley malt extract, malted wheat flour, yeast, natural flavors). Note: Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects. Allergens: contains gluten, milk and hazelnuts. May contain other nuts, mustard and lupin. Contains sweeteners.


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