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Nocco BCAA (24 x 330 ml)

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NOCCO BCAA is a functional BCAA amino acid and a variety of vitamin-rich drinks. All NOCCO drinks are carbonated and 100% sugar free. In addition, no preservatives or colourings are used.

What are BCAAs?
BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) stands for branched-chain amino acids, valine, leucine and isoleucine.

NOCCO BCAA and NOCCO BCAA+, what is the difference?
NOCCO BCAA drinks contain caffeine (55 mg/100 ml), green tea and l-carnitine in addition to amino acids (2500 mg). NOCCO BCAA+ drinks are decaffeinated but contain twice as much BCAAs (5000mg). Both products contain six different vitamins.

When to take NOCCO BCAA and NOCCO BCAA+ drinks?
We recommend drinking NOCCO drinks before or after and during your workout. Many people prefer to drink caffeinated NOCCO BCAA before exercise because caffeine increases alertness and improves concentration.

How much caffeine does NOCCO BCAA contain?
One drink (330 ml) contains 180 mg of caffeine. This amount is equivalent to two cups of coffee per day.

What is the difference between amino acids and proteins?
Protein is made up of different amino acids. When we consume protein, our body breaks down the amino acids in the protein to make new proteins for our body. NOCCO BCAAs are already degraded proteins or finished amino acids that our body can use immediately.

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