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Puls Nutrition

WHEY powder (1 kg)


100% Platinum Whey is a premium whey protein derived from the milk of grass-fed cows.

The product consists of a blend of ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate and microfiltered whey protein isolate. The protein has a high biological value and contributes to faster muscle mass gainhelps maintain lean muscle mass and supports bone health.

Its unique DigeZyme® digestive enzyme complex ensures complete protein breakdown and absorption. The amino acid profile of the protein is identical to that of whey milk, and there are no artificially added low-quality amino acids that increase the protein concentration.

100% Platinum Whey is ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle and go to the gym.

Due to its low fat and carbohydrate content, the protein is also suitable for daily use by people who want to reduce body weight by enriching their diet with quality proteins. Platinum Whey fits perfectly into everyday menus and is compatible with a variety of diets. Protein Great for dissolves well and stunningi talloeven when mixed with water.

Each serving (30 g) contains:
  • 22 g protein,
  • 4 g BCAA,
  • 1.7 g sugar,
  • 118 kcal
Nutrition 100 g 1 serving
Energy value 1656 kJ / 392 kcal 497 kJ / 118 kcal
Fat 7.1 g 2.1 g
- including saturates 4.4 g 1.3 g
Carbohydrates 7.8 g 2.3 g
- including sugars 5.6 g 1.7 g
Fibre 1.9 g 0.6 g
Salt 0.4 g 0.1 g
DigeZyme™ (a-amylase, protease, lactase, lipase, cellulase) 100 mg 30 mg

1 serving = 30 g powder + 225 ml water

Whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, flavour, reduced fat cocoa powder, thickener (carboxymethyl cellulose), sweetener (sucralose), DigeZyme™ (a-amylase, protease, laccase, lipase, cellulase), emulsifier (soya lecithin). May contain nut, egg and gluten particles.


Mix 30 g of powder (2 heaped tablespoons) with 225 ml of water. Take one serving before or after exercise or between meals.