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The Beginnings

The Beginnings Protein Bar (20 x 40 g)

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The Beginnings has created Latvia's first 100% natural, additive-free protein-energy bar, which is a great snack not only between meals, but also before and after workouts.

100% natural, additive-free protein bars made from wholesome plant protein, berries, fruits, nuts and superfoods, or the most nutrient-dense plants.

The bar is based on a complete protein blend obtained by mixing several high-quality vegetable proteins in the right proportions. The protein blend ensures that the body gets all the amino acids it needs.

The Beginnings Protein Bars are packed with the most nutritious berries, fruits and spices - turmeric, quince, cacao and blackcurrant - to help you reach your most ambitious fitness goals and make your snack break tasty and healthy.

Unlike other bars, The Beginnings Protein Bars are lactose and soy free.

Nutrition Values
Energy: 1599 kJ /381 kcal
Fat 16,8 g
including: saturates 8,4 g
Carbohydrate 44,4 g
including: sugars 39,9 g
Protein 12,8 g
Fibre 9 g
Salt 0,02 g

Date paste, candied blackcurrant 21 % (blackcurrant, sugar), almonds, coconut shavings, agave syrup, pea protein 10 %, blackcurrant juice concentrate, sea salt.

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