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Digestive Enzymes (60 tablets)

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VNutrition Digestive Enzymes (60 tablets) - an effective and natural dietary supplement that gives you enzyme support to help improve digestive function and food absorption.

VNutrition Digestive Enzymes contain DigeZyme® enzyme blend which provides amylase, protease, lactase, lipase and cellulase to promote better breakdown and absorption of food in the body.

VNutrition Digestive Enzymes benefits:

  • Improved digestion: the Enzyme blend will help break down carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre to improve digestive function.
  • Support for nutritional absorption: Digestive Enzymes facilitate the absorption of nutrients into the body, leading to better utilisation of nutrition and increased energy levels.
  • Helps prevent digestive problems: Digestive Enzymes can help reduce gas, bloating and other digestive problems.

One tablet contains 100 mg of DigeZyme® enzyme blend, while one daily dose (3 tablets) contains 300 mg. The product is made from high quality ingredients including a stabiliser (microcrystalline cellulose) and an emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids).

Order VNutrition Digestive Enzymes today and get enzyme support to promote healthy digestive function and nutrition absorption!

Nutritional value


1 tablet

3 tablets

DigeZyme® enzyme blend containing:
  Amylase (min. activity 24000 U/g),
  protease (min. activity 6000 U/g),
  lactase (min. activity 4000 U/g),
  lipase (min. activity 1000 U/g),
  cellulase (min. activity 200 U/g)

100 mg

300 mg


Stabiliser (microcrystalline cellulose), enzyme blend powder (maltodextrin, amylase, protease, laccase, lipase, cellulase), emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids).

May contain nut, milk (including lactose), soya bean, oat or egg particles.


Recommended daily dose: adults take 1 tablet 1-3 times a day after meals with plenty of liquid.

Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Consult a physician for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not use as a substitute for a complete and balanced diet!

Storage: Store in a dry place out of the reach of small children, at a temperature of 2-26°C, in tightly sealed original packaging. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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